Facilitating Happiness with Pete Jensen
      Pete Jensen, happiness facilitator

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Pete talks on happiness
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Pete tells journalist Jill Fraser that we are programmed for happiness
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Lessons In Happiness From The Third World

It's Time Happiness
Was Taken Seriously!

Happiness boasts five million searches per month on Google, it constitutes a critical criterion in national wellbeing indices and is one of the building blocks for success. Yet how many of us are genuinely happy? Most of us seem to know somebody who has been impacted by depression, anxiety, stress or loneliness. Have we become too busy, distracted or simply forgotten the core ingredients of happiness? How would life be if we could be genuinely happy and fully energised, all day, every day?


has community, purpose and gratitude at its core.

Facilitating Happiness
is about how to apply these proven principles and create genuine
sustainable Happiness.



Lessons In Happiness From The Third World
How the West got so Depressed and what to do about it

My transition from Organisational Wellbeing Consultant and Leadership Coach to Happiness Facilitator was a no-brainer. It was an unmistakably clear next step following a lengthy bout of depression during which, despite access to all the latest psychological tools and theories, I remained stuck in a dark abyss into which I had unceremoniously plummeted.

Credentials and a lifetime of learning made little impact on my attempt to retrieve my lost happiness. Then by chance I recalled mood-uplifting techniques and disciplines I had seen practiced in the remote villages around my childhood home in Africa and began applying them.

Eureka! As I healed I started researching these fundamental tools of happiness and recognised that many villagers in the developing world comprehend the "happiness riddle" and possess tools to avoid losing sight of its deceptively simple formula. It was this experience that birthed my book, Lessons in Happiness from the Third World.

My work now is an ongoing study into happiness, a humbling and moving journey that entails revisiting societies and their associated ethos that helped shape who I am. Sincere thanks for joining me in the exploration of this increasingly key field of research.

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