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1 November 2012
Book lists successfully in The Denis Jones November 2012 Catalogue

A 'soft launch' of Lessons In Happiness from the Third World creates cause for celebration with over 50 sales in the first weeks of listing in The Denis Jones catalogue with copies sold appearing in diverse Australian bookstores from Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Broome, to Sydney and Melbourne. To add an international flavour November sees an initial uptake with hard copy and eBooks books purchased in Hawaii, Denmark, United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa.

13 October 2012
Lessons In Happiness from the Third World book launched to authors group Melbourne

Author Pete Jensen delivers his first public book signing session of Lessons in Happiness from the Third World to fellow writing professionals at Global Publishing Darren Stephens’ Millionaire Mindset Seminar in Melbourne.


"Pete Jensen is masterful in the way that he has managed to seamlessly integrate third world wisdom with current first world philosophy and research into happiness. And all this in his warm storytelling style that had me turning over the page with keen anticipation." Phillip Ralph - CEO, The Leadership Sphere

"It is so very "Pete Jensen" to be giving and devoting his energy, time, creative and intellectual thought to enabling others, enabling being the operative word, to understand and identify real and useful strategies to create the harmony, balance and happiness they are seeking in their personal journey, no matter their circumstance. The links between storytelling, personal experience, and life experience/observation, supported and connected to a relevant research and evidence base, makes things so easy – is it something we’ve always known in our hearts but never been able to justify? Now we can. This book has been a long time coming for Pete, but clearly worth the wait for all of us, and as always in Pete’s approach, structured in the basis of a gift - expecting nothing in return." Judy Harper - Regional Manager, Australian Red Cross

"Pete Jensen taps into what I've had the experience of learning first hand, that giving without expectation is a key element in the foundation for happiness.  As his Samoan taxi driver eloquently put it, it’s the giving that brings the happiness when done so without expectation of return.  My learning is that it does come back and in many different forms.  Pete captures the elements of belonging and happiness which in the western world we strive to create through anything but personal relationships but when the time is "right" then we'll get in touch with that side.  As Pete identifies, the time is right now!" Peter Baines - Founder, Hands across the Water

"I love that it is such an engaging read without the pretentious semantics that so often flavour most corporate or academic reads. The simplicity of narration mirrors the message of the book that happiness is baked in simple concepts that we know intrinsically but have just simply forgotten in our pursuit of a shortcut to happiness – that is the acquisition of things rather than acquisition of relationships. The book contains many valuable insights and practical ideas. Not only a must read for the fiscal economic drivers of the West but a must do!" Sandee Daniel - Psychologist

"I have been touched by Pete's honest assessment of the challenges the world is facing. As an organisation committed to actively addressing the problems of sexual abuse and exploitation of children, I endorse the need to create more awareness and agree with the principles outlined in this book. All children deserve happiness and we have a responsibility in upholding this. This book is a purposeful beginning!" Tori Anderson – President, Children United

"From the moment you meet Pete Jensen, you simply know that he not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. His passion for enlightening those around him is contagious. You simply want to know more about his recipe for a compassionate, sustainable and happy life and this we can now all apply through his book and his personal journey. Pete shows us that we all have the ingredients in us but leads us to ask ourselves the right questions. "Lessons in Happiness from the Third World" is a testament of the wonderful lessons that we can draw from the Third World- a truly inspirational read." Beatrice Imbert - Author, "The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women"

Pete Jensen, happiness facilitator


Pete Jensen speaks to
journalist Jill Fraser
(length: 4:30)

Contemplating the basis
of happiness
(length: 5:08)

Pete Jensen, Facilitating Happiness


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