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"Lessons in Happiness from the Third World: How the West got so Depressed and what to do about it" by Pete Jensen

Want to know the keys to finding and sustaining happiness in your life? Then this groundbreaking book is for you. Written in three parts, its central theme embraces a cooking metaphor, with the author seeking to understand the ingredients that make up the daily pot of happiness in the remote African country village of Madike.

• The recipe for Happiness;
• How to create your personalised 'Happiness' recipe;
• How to add a few spices to your 'Happy Meal' to cater for your individual tastes and relationships;
• How the recipe c
an be applied to the Corporate Kitchen so you can be happier at work.

Pete's purpose in writing this book is to offer an opportunity for reflection and reassessment of how our lives could be, and provide insights and tools to assist people from all walks of life to achieve this.

Economic experts report that the current financial burden on governments is increasing, as is the emotional, psychological and financial impact on individuals and families.

This book aims to reduce both, and provide a better quality of life for all.

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